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  1. The validator reports that the document is invalid, saying that element Y doesn't belong within element X, but this is perfectly valid. What's up?

    This is due to specific element ordering within the XSD. The XSD defines not only what elements belong where, but also what order they belong in. WoW will accept the elements in any order, and you can safely ignore this in such a case. If you really think something is still wrong, load it up in WoW and see what Logs\FrameXML.log tells you.

  2. What XSD file is being used to check the submitted XML?

    You can find the .xsd file right here. The XSD in question is current as of the patch.

  3. Do you keep the submitted XML around?

    No. All submitted XML is saved to a temporary file on the server and deleted even before the server gives you the results.

  4. Who can I contact regarding bugs, feature requests, or offers of cookies?

    The author can be e-mailed at: sbo at averageurl dot com.

Last updated: 1/31/2010